May 9, 2014 Alexander Swensen

Dendi Film Broadcast @ 6PM ET on Friday the 30th Of May! Tell your friends!


You heard it here first folks. Your opportunity to watch that Dendi film you have heard so much about is here!  On Friday, May 30’th, the Dendi film will be broadcast on 3ABN at 6:00PM Eastern Time. Sadly I will be in Europe at that time on vacation with my family, so I won’t be able to watch the live broadcast. (but hey, I made it, I don’t really think I will be missing out on much seeing it one more time. 😉 )

Anyway, Make sure you tell your friends and tune in! Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated! Also remember that you can order copies for yourself! (Yeah, you could record it, but that wouldn’t help the mission project much now would it? ) You can order copies by sending an email to the AFM Communications Director at [email protected] or by calling the AFM office toll free at 1-800-937-4236. You can also check out all the other amazing mission projects at Please be sure to send all your feedback on the film, and how it had an impact on you! You can email me by clicking here, or by sending me an email at [email protected]

Remember that you are the reason this was possible. You helped support this project, even by reading this blog. Many of you donated. (and you will be getting a copy from me soon) This is a film made by you, for you. I hope you receive a blessing from it.

I would like to thank you for all your support, and to keep in touch as I release progress updates on the Otammari film(s). 🙂

Thanks, and God bless!

– Alexander Swensen

P.s. This blog post originally said March. Reposted to fix and clarify. Sorry about that.