November 15, 2013 Alexander Swensen

Spiritual Attacks

Before I came to Benin, supernatural occurances were things that were debatable for coincidence. In the course of making this film I have found there have been more acts by the devil to get in the way of this project than anything else I have done. You will recall that in preparing to leave for Benin there were several things that were standing in the way. It doesn’t stop there.

During my time in Benin there have been a number of events that I have witnessed that can’t be explained by coincidence. For example, the last night in Natitingou with the herrals we were recording the voiceover narrations. This was the last thing we needed before I could rest soundly knowing I had everything I needed from the Otammari project. The power had been having issues all day and I finally had enough power to record what I needed. We go out into his vehicle (which is, remarkably, a better recording studio than any of the studios in Natitingou) and I turn on my Mac… Or try to. Nothing happens. It gives the Mac startup sound but the display refuses to work. I tried to reset the PRAM which fixes most issues and still no luck. At that point Jason and I begin praying. We realized that this was a spiritual attack.

Now I don’t usually have issues with technology. In fact, I like to believe I know what I’m doing with technology, so a demon possession in my computer was kind of mind boggling. But here is the part I can’t explain. My computer was not even plugged into power as the power was out. By the time Jason had finished praying, not only was my computer running and ready for me to log in, but the power, in that same instant, had returned. I can confirm that there are a great number of supernatural events in Benin done by the devil, but God also is hard at work fighting the devil. God most certainly made a miracle happen for me. To me, that shows me that this project is exactly what God is wanting me to be doing right now.

Now I am in Kandi working on the Dendi film. Yesterday I had gotten very sick and I can’t explain why. After a great amount of prayer and charcoal I feel much better today and we have been incredibly productive, God healed whatever it was that had me sick. I cannot stress how important your support in prayer is over the next few weeks. Please pray for this project and those involved.

The devil also will attack you in your life, not just filmmakers in West Africa. Stay close to God and turn to Him in prayer at the first sign of trouble. You will be amazed at what God will do for you.

From Benin, Africa.
– Alexander Swensen

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  1. Madeline Johnston

    These experiences may be difficult at the time, yet they are a wonderful affirmation for what you are doing, and you will treasure the memories for a lifetie.

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