October 20, 2013 Alexander Swensen

8 Days Until Takeoff!

Greetings everyone! I want to update you on what is happening! Over the last few days we (myself and the teams in Benin) have been working incredibly hard in preparation for the filming that will take place. The Otammari team (in north-west Benin) have been hard at work interviewing local people, writing up stories, scheduling shoots, and a bunch of other things all on top of the work they do as part of their mission project! The amount of progress being made is astounding. God is truly working every step of the way.

At the Dendi project (in north-east Benin), we have Michee Bade (the career missionary) and Quentin Platt (the Student Missionary for this year) working hard as well. There have been some delays getting the direction of the film planned out, but this is to be expected. We have since worked out those delays and the project is making huge progress. By the time I arrive there we will be ready to start the filming process!

Even as I write this post I am getting emails from the missionaries asking questions, giving suggestions, updating the scripts & framework for the film, and giving encouraging words. It’s truly a blessing to work with such great people.

On Monday, October 28th I will be getting on the plane to Benin. I am incredibly excited! While I have never (in the time I remember) been on a flight so long, at the same time I have never been to another country over seas. (except while very small and I don’t remember that so it doesn’t count. 😉 )  This experience is going to be new and exciting for me. I can’t wait to arrive and I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Here is what is left to accomplish between now and the next few days. I am working to get my equipment cataloged and insured for the trip. I also will be be working hard to finish up the scripts in time for my flight. I also hope to have power and internet on the flight there in order to communicate with the team most effectively. Finally we are working on getting my cell phone activated and credited in Benin. I already have the SIM card and its only a matter of activating it and putting credit on it. (it is a pay-as-you-go service since a contract is not practical) With this I will be able to stay in contact with the team, access email, and keep you updated via this blog through posts, photos, and short videos.

Finally, I added a feature a number of weeks ago to allow you to be notified whenever the blog is updated! At the top of the screen there is a subscribe button. All you have to do is click that and you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. These e-mails are not visible to me or anyone else. You will receive a confirmation email to active. Once you have activated it you receive automatic updates whenever I post an update! This is free and you can stop receiving the e-mails at any time with included instructions. You can also click here and be sent directly to the page!

Please continue to pray for this project. We have seen that the devil does not want this film to be made and is making many attempts to hinder its progress. Thankfully we know that God is stronger and we are doing His work.

Thanks again for all of your support! More updates to come!

– Alexander Swensen

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