Upgrading to the GeForce GTX 670 FTW

In recent years the video editing world has gone through some huge changes, from linear editing of film to non linear editing in the digital world. you can add, change, remove, and modify any part of your video in any way you want with a few clicks and a few keystrokes. Its an amazing thing. This, combined with video cameras becoming cheaper and cheaper means the average consumer is able to do more and more with their own video much like photographers were able to do with traditional film in a dark room. With this digital revolution, however, comes a price. It requires lots of processing power, and sadly, your dads laptop just wont cut it anymore. You need a serious computer to do serious work. Originally you needed a high power CPU or a special hardware card that was able to handle the majority of the processing required. At the same time the development in PC video gaming has skyrocketed and required better and better graphics cards to compensate for the gaming enthusiasts who so dearly love these games. (Me included.) Very recently, the major video editing platforms have started to take advantage of this common (and powerful) technology.

Platforms such as Avid, Adobe Premiere (and After Efects),  and Apple Final Cut X have implemented GPU acceleration into many of the rendering calculations required. This means that not only do you get the benefit of the CPU, but if you have a gaming graphics card, you can take advantage of that power as well in order to speed up your render times. I personally find that i spend almost as much time waiting for the previews to render when i am color grading my work or working in after effects as i do editing. When I am running on a 6 Core 3.3Ghz Processor (for those who don’t know, thats a really nice processor 😉 ) I found that my macbook pro could render my video almost as fast as my super computer desktop. This to me didn’t add up until i realized that my Macbook was utilizing the extra power of the graphics card in order to compensate for the weaker CPU. So i got to thinking that its time that i upgrade my desktop’s video card to something that could strike fear into both my gaming rivals, and allow me to work more quickly and efficiently. (This is where we get into the whole reason for this post 😉 )


Meet the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 FTW by EVGA.

This isn’t the best graphics card money can buy, but it is a REALY nice card from the research I have done. It will laugh in the face of Skyrim and will handle Battlefield and Crysis with no problems what so ever. (and if you know nothing about modern video games, that just means it is about the best that one would need right about now) The card comes in at about $359 USD right now, but for the price i cant complain considering it should boost my performance by about 20x or 2000% in comparison to my current system. (mind you thats the raw number crunching, I doubt it will improve that much, but it should improve by a noticeable amount.)

Today I placed the order for this card, and I plan to post reviews as soon as it arrives and when I have the time to put it through its paces. I will post a full run down once I have finished that.

Here is the link to card on Newegg.

If you have any questions or comments on what you would like to see in terms of benchmarks or performance tests let me know in the comments section below! Thats all for now! 🙂

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Website Updates (6/25/2013)

Hey guys. Just thought i would fill in on a few changes i am making on the website.

You will notice this website is rapidly developing. As i learn more and more about WordPress and dealing with bandwith issues and image compression i am improving the performance. Soon I hope to have this site running very quickly and full of content. As soon as that is complete i will continue to write blog posts about things i am doing as well as product reviews and such.

One of the things i noticed at first though that needed changing was the way the comment system worked. So now it is a social media based comment system. What does that mean? It means if you have facebook, twitter, or google+, you can comment very easily without having to worry about registering on this site. While at the same time I am still able to control spam and filter out anything that seems inappropriate.

I am always looking for suggestions so if you have one please either use the contact form or leave a comment! (since its so easy now 😉 )

Until next time,

-Alex Swensen

Hello SM Supporters!

Hello all of you who have supported me in my efforts as a student missionary!

As you may already know, I have been called to document many of the stories going on in various places of Affrica. While I do not know all the details yet, I do know that AFM (Adventist Frontier Missions) will be using this material and it may be aired on 3ABN at some point.

I want all of you to know just how much I appreciate your support, and I look forward to seeing what God does in my life, and hopefully, as a result, in yours!

Right now I am in the training stage to prepare me for interaction with other cultures, but I will be posting updates, photos, and videos all throughout the process from here on out! Also, if you want to keep more up to date you can follow me on twitter by clicking the link below. [twitter_follow username=”alexswens” language=”en”]

You can also comment on my various blog posts or send me emails using the contact forum of this website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time,
God bless!

Welcome to the blog!

Hey guys, this is just a test post for the blog! Welcome!

I decided i would build this website as both a medium to support my business as a film maker, as well as to keep you all updated on what is going on!
So keep checking back here! I will be posting a lot of cool stuff!

Hey! You made it down here!

I like to hear from you! Even if its nothing more than to say hi. Contact me below!