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Hey there! I'm Alexander Swensen and I do a lot of creative media, namely Video, Photography, Theatrical Lighting, and some Music Production! I'm a Film Maker, Special Effects Guru, Part time nerd, and Full time geek. I write software and DJ a little on the side. You have stumbled upon my website! Why don't you take a look around and say hi when you get a chance? Scroll down if you want to learn more about me.

So what do I do?

Video Production

With years of experience in both the shooting, and editing, I have worked on projects from the average YouTube video, to programs aired on national television. I do weddings, promotional videos, inspirational videos, documentaries, dramatic films, and more. I also specialize in digital special effects.


Many of the skills in shooting video transfer to photography. After all, video is little more than taking lots of photos in quick succession and playing them back really fast. Composition, lighting, exposure, and editing all play an important role. Photography is one of my passions, and with several years of experience under my belt I can do photography that will leave you speechless. (In a good way.)

Audio Production

My experience in media started with audio. As a result I have become a serious audiophile. If it doesn’t sound right, thats because it isn’t right, and I will work at it until it does. This extreme perfectionist approach has crossed to all areas I work in. I have worked in music production and sound-track mastering projects for films. I do all my own audio work, and would love to do yours as well. 🙂

Performance Lighting

Lighting is critical in both video and photography, but that isn’t the only place it’s used. The live dramatic and theatrical environment requires lighting expertise. Working with DMX lighting technologies is nothing new to me. I have worked my fair share of live programs as well as done my own rigging in theatrical venus. Need an extra hand on your next live event? I’m your man!

Web & App Development

A guilty pleasure of mine is code. The internet is built by people like me. For this reason I love to write code for the web. Using technologies like Cordova, I also write apps for your smartphone and tablets.


Need I say more?


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